Desktop Organizers

Storage Solutions
These custom-made units allow you to make the most of the space restraints aboard your ship. Can you ever have enough storage, especially in tight quarters?

Get Organized
Each Shipboard Organizer is designed to attach to your current computer workstation or standard desk. The following organizers are available in stock in the color cool grey:
P/N 3600-SB (36”w x 38”h x 13”d)
P/N 4000-SB (40”w x 38”h x 13”d)
P/N 4800-SB (48”w x 38”h x 13”d)
P/N 6000-SB (60”w x 38”h x 13” d)
Features Include
Binder storage shelf
Adjustable dividers with locking bar
Swing-down binder support bar that
keeps library secure in rough seas
Personal lockable compartment
Letter size storage trays
Halogen task light

Built to Last
Each organizer is built of heavy-duty furniture- grade steel and designed for shipboard applications.

Bars create a barrier, securing and protecting books and other items from falling off shelf
A light on both sides of the organizer illuminates corner surfaces
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