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Brooks Power Systems Shipboard Surge Suppressor Model Z6-6(2P)

Z6-6 (2P) – Shipboard Surge Suppressor

Contaminated power is the biggest threat to microprocessor based equipment including computers, peripherals, or any other electronic equipment.  Electrical disturbances caused by surges, spikes and noise – transmitted via wall outlets and power strips – can destroy valuable equipment.  With technology ahead of its time, the Brooks Power Systems Model Z6-6(2P) shipboard surge suppressor has been specifically engineered and designed for shipboard use.  It is approved for U.S. Navy shipboard use.  This product is made in the USA by Brooks Power Systems.  

Rated at 1200 joules
Three-stage suppression circuit effectively controls surges, spikes and noise
Designed for both land and shipboard power, complies with CID # A-A-50622
15 amp single throw/double pole combination circuit breaker/switch is standard
Six outlets controlled by a single throw/double pole combination circuit breaker/master-switch
Comes standard with an unconditional Lifetime warranty and is UL 1449 TVSS approved
Shipboard mounting clips included
The Brooks Power Systems Model Z6-6(2P) is NARDAC/SEABAT tested & approved
17” long x 2” high x 2” wide, meets IEE 587-B standard
6’ 14/3 SJEOW heavy duty power cord

The Brooks Power Systems Model Z6-6(2P) is a three-stage 1200 joule protection system that eliminates power surges and spikes, and significantly reduces line noise. The result of applying the Z6-6(2P) to your system is reliable working equipment and accurate data.

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