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Weapon Storage

Secure Stackable Weapons Racks

Secure Stackable Weapons Racks

Our modular Stackable Weapon Racks are extremely flexible for small arms storage. Securely store your weapons vertically or horizontally utilizing specific mounting attachments. Racks can be stacked for efficiency and can be configured and re-configured at any time.

48” high x 42” wide x 15” deep
Optional all steel security gates
Federally approved security key locks
Stores rifles with scopes & accessories
Racks are stackable
Complete with ‘eyelets’ to chain firearms
Optional storage accessories

Racks can be...
Secured side to side
Secured back to back
Secured to the wall
Secured to the floor
Vehicle mounted

Weapons Locker

Individual or smaller requirements now have a solution with the Weapons Locker. Just as versatile as the standard stackable Weapons Racks, in a smaller foot print, these units can be secured to walls, floors and each other to create the ultimate in space efficiency.

Individual Secure Weapon Storage
Interchangeable storage components
Stack and/or connect side to side & back to back
Pad lockable
48”H (1219mm) 14” W (356 mm) x 15” D (381mm)

Carl Gustav Secure Weapons Cabinet

Specially designed to store Carl Gustav M2/M3 Weapons.

4 Capacity
Pad Lockable outer Gates with Abloy Keylock
Pad Lockable Cannon Saddle (2 capacity)
64.5”H (1638mm) x 42”W (1066mm) x 21”D (533mm)

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