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Weapon Storage

Expandable Weapon Racks

Specifically designed to be modular and accommodate most small arms requirements. Used in secure areas such as armories and vaults on a small or large scale. This unique system is available in; Two standard heights 84”(2134mm) and 50” (1270mm); Two Standard widths 34”(864mm) and 40”(1016mm) and Single or Double Sided. In just seconds you can change your system to accommodate different sizes, shapes and quantities.

Expandable Weapon Racks

Two modular widths of 34” (864mm) & 40” (1016mm)
Single & double sided solutions
Stores rifles with attached scopes & accessories
Components interchangeable with all IWSP storage systems
Easily assembled
Patent Pending

DOUBLE Sided 50” & 84” heights available as standard SINGLE Sided 40” W x 84”H unit has a 24 rifle capacity Design your rack “your way”. Storage components on page 8&9 are used to create your own solution.

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