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Weapon Storage

M2/.50 Cal Machine Gun Rack

Manufactured of HEAVY Gauge steel and designed to securely store (4) M2 receivers and (8) .50 CAL Barrels. Receivers and barrels can be secured with padlocks. Rack can be secured to the floor, wall, side by side or back to back.

The barrels are stored vertically in two groups of 4 and padlocked through a steel support plate and steel hinged plate. The lower portion of each barrel is cradled in its own heavy steel support base.

Each M2 Machine Gun is secured with a lock paddle that slides through the “action slot” in the M2. In turn, the cylindrical locking bar then slides through the end of each lock paddle and secured with a padlock. (padlock not included)

All four M2 guns are locked and unlocked simultaneously with an all steel cylindrical locking bar that slides through the lock paddles. Once the locking bar has been removed there is easy access to the guns as the locking bar is stored on two hooks in the inner top portion of the rack.

Optional 4 capacity Barrel Support attaches to the top of the M2 rack. Adjustable in width and easily installed.

54”H (1371mm) x 55”W (1397mm) x 12”D (330mm)

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